Why You Need a Subscription Model for Your Vendors

par John Doe

When you run a multi-vendor marketplace, you offer other entrepreneurs a service by allowing them to sell their products on your territory. To help you earn money for that service, Multi-Vendor comes with the built-in “Vendor plans” functionality.

The vendor plans allow you to:

  • Take a one-time or periodic (monthly / yearly) fee from your vendors.
  • Take commission from each transaction (percentage, fixed, or both).
  • Impose restrictions on the number of products and maximum revenue.
  • Give more privileges to vendors with higher-tier plans.
  • Decide which storefronts and categories will be available to vendors with this or that plan.
  • Offer certain vendors a microstore—it is a section of the site available by a direct link, where only the products of a specific vendor appear.

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